Why Chintai Automated Resource Management When EOSIO 1.8?

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Superior UX is Better Business

Uses for EOSIO 1.8 vs. Chintai

Chintai Automated Resource Management seamlessly manages EOS resources for three purposes:

- DApp contract accounts
- DApp’s paying for their users
- Individual users who want to seamlessly manage their own EOS resources.

Chintai automatically services CPU, NET, and RAM.

In contrast, EOSIO 1.8 will enable one purpose — the ability for DApps to pay for CPU/NET of their users.

Additional Benefits of Chintai

Chintai Automated Resources is Live — 1.8 Is not

Chintai has Lower Upfront Costs

Chintai Manages ALL Resources — 1.8 Does Not

Chintai Pays for your Contract & User Accounts — 1.8 Does Not

Chintai has a Spam Filter — 1.8 Does Not

Backup Plan For Users

Liquid Capital

How to get setup

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NEW UI next week

Chintai-Lease Everything

EOS1.8 上线后,为什么你仍然需要 Chintai 的自动资源管理功能?

使用 EOS 1.8 与 Chintai 的对比


Chintai 的预付成本低

Chintai 会自动管理所有的资源 — EOSIO 1.8 未提供该功能

Chintai 可以同时为您的合约和用户账号管理资源 — EOSIO 1.8 未提供

Chintai 设置了垃圾账号过滤器 — EOSIO 1.8 未提供



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