Update: Chintai Leasing Markets

Chintai is discontinuing token utility leasing markets for EOS, BOID, SVX, and WAX. If you have EOS, BOID, SVX or WAX in our contract you do not need to do anything. We will redirect the funds back to your account automatically.

If you have an active order you will need to wait until it’s complete before the funds are automatically sent back. This means it will take no longer than 30 days to get your funds.

If you do not see your funds in your account within the next 30 days please contact hello@chintai.io and provide your account details.

CHEX and DAPP markets are operational and will not be discontinued. A new UI will be launched in the next 72 hours for CHEX and DAPP token leasing markets to simplify UX.

Chintai has supported token leasing for numerous EOSIO tokens since October 2018. All of the markets have been operating at a loss, making them purely a community contribution. It’s been our sincere pleasure to service these markets and have the community’s support.

Chintai has evolved considerably over the years. We are focused on building a comprehensive digital asset platform for institutions to port the legacy financial system to blockchain technology.

You can find the roadmap here.

Smart matching will continue to be a core aspect of CHEX tokenomics. An updated tokenomic paper for the regulated platform will be released in the near future with numerous enhancements.

Thank you for supporting us. We look forward to the road ahead.

Chintai Team

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Institutional Grade Digital Asset Technology For Capital Markets

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Institutional Grade Digital Asset Technology For Capital Markets

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