Tokenized Real Estate on EOS

Tokenization of traditional asset classes offers unique evolutionary advantages. Real estate in particular is the front runner for nearer term adoption. Tokenization will transform the asset class in numerous ways. Benefits include fractionalization, increased liquidity, automation of corporate actions and compliance, efficient settlement, data efficiency and transparency, 24/7 trading and new structured products.

However, despite the promise of numerous benefits, uptake has been slow. Lack of standards, performance issues and “Blockchain fatigue” due to logistical challenges have all hindered adoption of distributed ledger technology (DLT) for the ubiquitous asset class. With these challenges in mind, Chintai has placed strategic emphasis on leading industry wide adoption of tokenized real estate on EOS

Benefits of Tokenized Real Estate


Transparency: The Power of an Immutable Audit Trail

Liquidity & Market formation

Automation of Compliance & Corporate Actions

Access to Investment

Industry Adoption: Tokenized Real Estate

At the forefront of institutional concerns are regulatory and technological challenges. Lacking the ability to operate a high performance DLT solution that can fully account for the specific regulatory frameworks of a given jurisdiction makes the advantages of DLT worthless. If you cannot meet the compliance requirements of regulators and have slow and expensive technology you are essentially offering solutions that do not have a backbone……

we’ve made a priority to address these concerns by using EOS, which is dynamic enough to resolve technological challenges and go above and beyond all regulatory needs of institutional players. At this stage it’s a matter of education and implementation.”

First Mover Advantage & Adoption

Making EOS The Premiere Venue For Tokenized Real Estate

Chintai has developed a comprehensive industry solution that will drive commercial usage with the intention of large scale adoption of tokenized real estate financial instruments. This includes an integrated issuance portal and secondary exchange functionality, which automates regulatory compliance. Furthermore, we have developed a full go-to-market strategy and begun working with a group of strategic advisors who have deep industry networks and knowledge of commercial real estate globally.

With that said, the EOS ecosystem has many talented developers and business development experts. We are calling on anyone in the community who wants to be involved in coordinating the brand development and client acquisition strategy as a whole for the EOS ProFi ecosystem to contact us.

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