SVX Token Leasing Market LIVE

The SVX token leasing market is live. You can use the market to lend or borrow SVX token utility. Before getting started we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the platform by reading this article and asking us questions. You can also watch the video in this article to get an idea of the basics and underlying mechanics of pool markets on Chintai.

To get started leasing or borrowing SVX, visit the exchange. We look forward to watching how the new token leasing market can unlock efficiencies for the SOV community.


SOV launched in 2019 as a “Store of Value” (SOV) currency. SOV uses a deflationary burn mechanism that is activated during every transfer. Each SOV transfer also allocates SVX (i.e. SVX is mined when transferring SOV). The project launched a non-custodial DEX which services EOS tokens. The SVX token was introduced with the DEX. SVX tokens can be staked to reduce fees and increase mining allocation when transferring SOV. By using Chintai, SOV users can increase their allocation of SVX when making SOV transactions and reduce their fees on the SOV DEX.

How Does It Work?

The SVX token leasing market is a “pool market” that has price fluctuations based on a predetermined algorithmic formula (“bancor style” curve). We customized the algorithm to help ensure liquidity is available at all times to enter and exit the market.

For Lenders

  • Lenders deposit SVX tokens into Chintai.

There are no fees for lenders.

For Borrowers

  • Users will borrow from the SVX token leasing pool as needed.

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