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What started as a platform for leasing token utility has evolved into a multi-dimensional project that can change the foundation of global financial institutions. Chintai B2B technology can be white labeled to help institutional finance and enterprise easily leverage the advantages of blockchain technology. Similar to how a platform like Shopify offers the means for anyone to easily sell products in a custom storefront, Chintai provides compliance enabled infrastructure for financial institutions to support custom issuance, management, and trading of securitized assets on ANY blockchain.

Problems With Adoption

Blockchain based efficiency gains can profoundly change global financial systems. The current infrastructure is the equivalent of a fax machine when compared to the “smart phone” that is blockchain technology. The databases on which the world’s financial assets are stored and managed cause massive unnecessary overhead. Manual intervention is needed for everything from reconciliation between financial entities, execution of advanced payments, reporting, and much more.

The cost of manual intervention is passed down to consumers and issuers, which end up making the barrier to entry in the investment class extremely high. But many of these manual actions could be automated with blockchain technology. So why haven’t financial entities jumped on the opportunity to save millions if not billions?

Blockchain technology can alleviate these issues, but notoriously has problems of its own. Speed, ease of use, fees, and no recourse in the event of a hack or bug have made the option interesting in theory but unfeasible in practicality. No recourse alone is in violation of securities law. The problems with blockchain technology have led to making design sacrifices by putting logic off-chain, resulting in loss of either efficiency gains or overall security benefits.

Chintai technology uses a combination of high-performance cutting edge protocols to help institutional finance easily port their assets to blockchain technology, while fully maintaining both the advantages of the technology itself, and regulatory integrity. Everything we build is meant to be used and perform 100% on-chain. This includes secondary trading, issuance, and digital asset management. Recourse is possible. Fees are minimal. And speed is comparable with modern centralized applications.

Implementation: Real Estate

Chintai recently partnered with CinderBlox, a US based company who is issuing $27M of tokenized real estate in Chicago. CinderBlox is a team with deep connections, licencing, and industry expertise in real estate. By using Chintai technology, a team like CinderBlox can rapidly conduct a compliant issuance and provide secondary trading for one of the most reliable asset classes in the history of mankind. Furthermore, by putting real estate equity on blockchain, several advantages can be attained when compared to traditional sale and purchase of real estate.

Real estate transfer of ownership is very slow and costly because the entire process is manual. Since titles are in singular units, there is very low liquidity. This results in very high capital requirements to enter the asset class, which puts it out of reach for most retail investors.

Blockchain technology can be used to encode the characteristics of an asset into a unit of digital value (token). Tokens can be broken up into many digital parts. This enables fractionalization of real estate, as opposed to the traditional methods which store titles in singular units.

By digitally fractionalizing real estate, deep liquid markets can form on secondary trading platforms, resulting in significant reductions of both time and costs to transfer. And rather than having to own enough capital to buy an entire piece of real estate, investors can buy small fractions to gain portfolio exposure that is otherwise unattainable for most people.

CinderBlox will be using Chintai technology to achieve all of these efficiency gains and opportunities. The consumer will have no exposure to blockchain technology itself, and the entire front end will be rendered within the CinderBlox front-end.

If you would like to request a demo please contact our team.

Issuance & Management

Issuance and management of tokenized securities can be done on multiple blockchain protocols. We can procure solutions based on the needs of a given entity. Issuances can be done with encoded compliance controls and features of a given asset, including advanced payments, collateral handling, dividend payments, buybacks and more.

Compliance and data attributes of an asset are entirely automated and assured by the robust security measures of blockchain technology. This advancement in technology allows manual processes that traditionally result in massive overhead with handling and issuance of securities to be substantially reduced.

If you would like to explore using our issuance and management technology or request a demo, please contact our team.

Secondary Trading

While Chintai can conduct issuances on any protocol, we highly encourage secondary trading to occur on the Chintai protocol. No other protocol has the ability to execute high-performance trading with minimal transaction fees. Our engine is designed for commercial grade use that requires high throughput order management and execution. All compliance controls are embedded within the account and token framework, making it virtually impossible to trade or access assets that are not compliant within a given jurisdiction.

If you would like to explore using our secondary trading engine or request a demo, please contact our team.

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区块链行业的 Shopify : Chintai 白标技术方案,让金融机构更快使用区块链

Shopify 让开设自己的店铺变得异常简单,Workpress 让创建自己的网站也变得轻松无比。与之类似,Chintai 提供了合规的基础设施,服务于金融企业,支持证券化资产的发行、管理与交易,并且,能够在任何区块链上使用。

自 2018 年创建以来,今年是 Chintai 发展的第三个年头。经历过区块链行业的腥风血雨, Chintai 在三年里不断进化。从功能性通证租赁平台起步,如今,Chintai 成长为多维度的金融项目,为全球金融机构的底层基础带来改变。Chintai B2B 区块链技术解决方案以白标方式提供,可以供金融机构和创业团队实现定制化贴牌使用,让客户轻松利用区块链技术的优势,打造自己的服务体系。








Chintai 的技术方案采用高性能的创新协议组合,帮助金融机构轻松地将其资产移植到区块链技术上,同时充分保持技术本身的优势和监管的完备性。我们所构建的一切都是为了实现100%的链上使用和链上运行。包括二级市场交易、发行和数字资产管理,都实现链上运作。可以实现追索权,成本降到最低,除此之外,其速度可与现在的中心化应用相媲美。


最近,Chintai 与一家美国公司 CinderBlox 建立了合作伙伴关系。CinderBlox 在芝加哥发行了2700万美元的房地产通证化项目。CinderBlox 团队有着深厚人脉和资深的房地产行业专业知识,具备相关许可资质。使用 Chintai 技术,CinderBlox 等团队可以针对房地产这一优质资产类型进行合规的通证化资产发行活动,并提供二级市场交易。此外,与传统的房地产买卖相比,将房地产产权上链,可以获得多重优势。



CinderBlox 将会使用Chintai 技术来实现所有这些效率提升和机会。消费者将不会接触到区块链技术本身,整个前端都会包含在 CinderBlox 的前端页面之中。

如果您有兴趣,我们可以为您提供帮助展示 demo,欢迎联系我们的团队






虽然 Chintai 可以基于任何协议上设计资产发行过程,但我们高度推荐通过 Chintai 协议进行二级交易。没有其他协议能够以最少的交易费用执行高性能的交易。我们的引擎是专为商业级使用而打造,可以实现高频交易量的订单管理和执行。所有合规控制都嵌入到帐户和通证框架中,可以根据特定司法辖区的法律要求,针对交易或访问进行限制。


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