Chintai Meme Contest

Jun 7, 2021


We are excited to let the creative talents of our community shine with our first meme contest. The goal is to help promote the Chintai ecosystem, products and services. If you want to participate in the Chintai meme contest please take note of the following guidelines and information.


The Chintai meme contest began June 3rd 2021 and will end June 28th 2021.


Submit your work to the Chintai telegram channels:

Main channel:
Token specific channel:


Chintai brand assets

Prizes Details

All Prizes are paid in $CHEX.

Finalists will be announced on July 1st. Winners will be announced on July 7th.

First Place: 10,000

Second Place: 7,500

Third Place: 2,500

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