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Charm automates EOSIO resource allocation. No manual purchasing of CPU, NET, or RAM. Never run out of resources — even during periods of peak congestion. Every block, Charm checks your account to make sure you do not fall below a predetermined, self-selected threshold for each EOSIO resource. If your account falls below a given threshold, Charm will automatically purchase and replenish resources as needed.

Charm has been used by several dApps, including Chintai, NewDex, BetDice, Boid, and more. Tens of thousands of EOS has been staked on behalf of dApps and users and millions of transactions generated.

A new EOSIO dApp known as BlockBase started using Charm in an intriguing and elegant way to help a fundamental component of the network run smoothly. We briefly explore BlockBase and how Charm is perfectly suited for the use case.


BlockBase is a new EOSIO dApp that is creating a global service for secure database storage services. Traditional databases are insecure by default. Because they are under centralized control, the data is vulnerable to hacks and manipulation. Countless hacks have occurred. Last year alone Capital One and British Airways tallied losses in the hundreds of millions. And the average cost of data breaches are getting higher while becoming more common.

Blockchain has long been understood as an alternative method of data storage that would mitigate rampant attacks. But two main issues have slowed the process — privacy and scalability. BlockBase solves these issues by encrypting onchain data and using multiple sidechains that connect to main chains.

Charm For BlockBase

Each BlockBase sidechain is run by independent network service providers. Similar to “proof of stake”, service providers are incentivised to maintain the sidechain by being required to deposit a “bond” in a smart contract. If a sidechain service provider fails to meet the standards in their service licence agreement (SLA) they will lose their bond. One of the primary ways to lose your bond as a service provider is by running out of CPU, NET, or RAM. By using Charm all network service providers can be certain that they never run out of resources and therefore keep the BlockBase platform running without worrying about violating their SLA.

The moment I set my eyes on Charm I was immediately intrigued. This type of technology is exactly what is needed for ensuring your system always has the EOSIO resources it needs. Add to that the great support given by the Chintai team and you’ve got a winner — Ricardo Schiller, Founder of BlockBase

Want to learn more about BlockBase?

BlockBase testing sandbox
Deep dive into BlockBase technology
Easy to use demo

Charm For dApps

Charm is intended for dApps and users to make sure their accounts never run out of resources. Use our (video) tutorial to get set up or reach out to the Chintai team. If you need help getting 1.8 CPU payer set up let us know.

Make sure you use the CHEX token to get the lowest resourcing cost possible when using Charm.

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Charm dApp 应用案例 — BlockBase 如何使用 Charm 提升用户体验?

无论是 EOSIO dApp,还是 dApp 的使用者,都可能要花费太多时间去应对 EOSIO 的资源管理问题。Charm 就是为了便利用户而创造的。

Charm 的全称为 Chintai 自动资源管理(Chintai Automate Resource Management) 服务,实现了 EOSIO 资源的自动分配。

借助于 Charm,手动管理资源的痛苦不复存在。即便在 EOSIO 各区块链使用高峰期,也不必担心资源耗尽的问题。Charm 会跟踪所有区块信息,确保 Charm 使用者的账号不会因为 EOSIO 资源不足而动弹不得。你可以自行设定资源使用量的限制,在低于下限值时,Charm 会自动为你账户购买补充资源。

Charm 曾为多个 dApp 提供了服务,包括 Chintai, NewDex, BetDice, Boid 等应用, 为 dApp 和用户抵押了上千 EOS,处理了上百万笔交易信息。

BlockBase 是一款新上线的 EOSIO dApp,提供全球性的安全数据存储服务。BlockBase 最近也采用 Charm 确保网络应用运行良好。下面我们简单介绍下 BlockBase ,以及 Charm 是如何完美适用于这一使用场景的。


如上文所言,BlockBase 致力于创建安全数据存储服务。传统数据库安全性堪忧,原因之一是在中心化控制下,数据容易篡改也容易受到攻击。黑客攻击无时无刻不再发生。单就去年而言,Capital One 和 British Airways 的损失就数以亿计。而且,数据泄露的平均成本越来越高,同时也越来越普遍。 很久以来,人们认为区块链有潜力作为数据存储的替代方案,可以抵御攻击,防止数据篡改。然而,仍然有两个问题制约着发展:隐私安全,以及扩展性。BlockBase 解决了这些问题,通过加密链上数据,并使用多种侧链与主链相连的方式,提升了数据隐私,也增加可扩展性。

Charm 自动资源管理帮助 BlockBase 如虎添翼

每一条 BlockBase 侧链都由独立的网络服务提供商运营。类似于 “权益证明机制”,服务提供商必须在智能合约中存入 “保证金 “来激励他们维护侧链。如果侧链服务提供商没有达到服务层协议(SLA)中的标准,他们将失去保证金。作为服务提供商,如果 CPU、NET 或 RAM 耗尽,会导致其无法提供正常服务,从而造成保证金损失。通过使用Charm,所有的网络服务提供商都可以确保他们永远不会耗尽资源,从而保持 BlockBase 平台的运行,而不用担心达不到 SLA 服务标准协议的要求。

看到 Charm 的那一刻,我立刻就被它吸引了。这种类型的技术能够确保你的系统始终有资源可用,能够随时在 EOSIO 区块链上运行。再加上 Chintai 团队提供的强大支持,你就有了稳赢的把握。

— — Ricardo Schiller, Founder of BlockBase

关于 BlockBase,你可以了解更多:

BlockBase 测试沙盒

深入了解 BlockBase 技术

轻松试用 BlockBase 的 demo

Charm 为 dApps 服务

Charm 是为 dApps 和用户准备的,确保他们的账户资源永远够用。使用我们的(视频)教程进行设置,或者联系 Chintai 团队获得帮助。如果您需要帮助设置1.8 CPU支付器,请联系我们。

使用 Charm 时,一定要使用 CHEX 代币付费,你可以获得更高的性价比。

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