Boid & Chintai form Strategic Partnership

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BOID Leasing With New Standard

Boid and Chintai have formed a strategic partnership to enhance the Boid network and marks the beginning of easily allowing any EOSIO token to be leased. Chintai has developed a token leasing standard that enables any EOSIO token to be leased by changing a single line of code in token contracts. Boid will be the first to use the Chintai leasing standard.

Perfect Fit

The Boid network is an obvious fit for token leasing. The platform allows unused computational power to be exchanged for BOID tokens. The only way for users to earn staking rewards is by generating Boid Power with their computing resources. The profitability of your Boid Power (generated from compute resources) scales with your BOID token stake. Currently, users who only invest in BOID without generating any Boid Power do not receive any direct profit from staking.

To summarize this news:

For Boid Miners:

Chintai will allow you to borrow BOID to maximize the profitability of your generated Boid Power.

For BOID Investors:

Lend your staked BOID tokens to miners who are generating Boid Power. This enables you to profit from your stake without providing compute resources towards the Boid network.

For CHEX Holders:

Chintai 2.0 token leasing with the CHEX token will be significantly enhanced with this standard and the addition of the BOID token. By owning CHEX you will have low-cost access to all of the token leasing markets that are enabled by the Chintai standard. See more about the CHEX token auction.

Chintai — Lease Everything

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Boid & Chintai 전략적 파트너십 체결

对 Boid 矿工而言:

Chintai 可以使得 Boid 矿工租借 BOID 代币,使所产生的 Boid Power 实现利润最大化。

对 BOID 代币投资者而言:

将你抵押的 BOID 代币租借给矿工供其生成 Boid Power。 通过这一方式,你无需为 Boid 网络提供算力,就能够用抵押的 BOID 代币获得收益。

对 CHEX 代币持有者而言:

使用 CHEX 代币的Chintai 2.0 代币租赁平台将通过此标准的加入和 BOID 代币的增加而得到显著增强。拥有 CHEX,您将以低成本使用所有由 Chintai 标准支持的代币租赁市场。想了解 CHEX 代币拍卖的更多信息:

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