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2 min readMar 29, 2021

CHARM is a commercial grade tool for automating EOS blockchain resource management. CHARM automatically checks your CPU, NET and RAM inventory every 12 blocks. If an account resource goes below a predefined threshold, CHARM will automatically buy resources with no manual overhead.

If you use the $CHEX token we won’t charge any fees to use the system. See FAQ for more information about fees.


CHARM 3.0 has been redesigned to leverage the new EOS power-up model. You can get setup here.

1) Login and deposit $EOS or $CHEX. Deposited funds are used to automatically pay for resources (CPU/NET/RAM).

2) Click “Add Account”. Enter the account name that needs resource automation and click submit.

Note: CHARM automatically populates parameters that work for almost all accounts.

If you have any inquiries about setting parameters email us or contact us here (recommended for high volume accounts like dApp contracts, CEX’s or power users).

3) If you need to pay for resources for multiple accounts, repeat step two.

4) After accounts have been added you can view PowerUp purchase history in the history panel

(See tutorial in portal)


Are there fees?

If you use CHEX the fee is 0%. If you use EOS the fee is 100%.

Example: If the PowerUp fee is 0.0005 EOS and you only have EOS deposited in CHARM, then you will pay 0.0005 EOS for PowerUp and 0.0005 EOS to Chintai.

If you have CHEX and EOS, or just CHEX in your account, then the CHEX will be converted at the spot rate to EOS and used to pay for powerup resources, but Chintai will not take a fee for itself.

All EOS fees will be deposited into the CHEX incentive pool.

Do I need to deposit more funds?

Yes — deposited funds pay for your account(s) resources. If you do not have deposited funds CHARM will not be able to automatically buy resources.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes — you can cancel anytime by deleting configured accounts (press delete) and withdrawing your account reserve balance.

Who is this designed for?

Anyone who has an EOS account that needs resources. Industrial level accounts (dApps, CEX, DEX) or casual users.

Where can I purchase CHEX?

Newdex or Defibox

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